Breakfast Banner - Broke Bitch Paper Co

* I'm very excited to show you all this fab product from Broke Bitch Paper Co.

The lovely Deanna, who is behind the Etsy shop Broke Bitch Paper Co sent me this really cute, quirky banner to show you guys!


Hello Missguided! Faux fur & fringe

Having my normal mooch on Twitter and I came across a Missguided link - of course I clicked and WOW!

All these fabulous faux fur and fringed items popped up.

If you know me, you'll know I'm a bit partial to faux fur, and fringing gets me every time! They always scream winter glam to me and they are just perfect for well, glamming up your winter togs!

Check out these beauties from Missguided!


Clo Clo London


How was everyone's weekend?

Mine was good!

The sun was shining, we got quite a few jobs done on the house, we visited my Mum on Sunday and this lovely piece of jewelry popped through my letterbox on Saturday morning!


Tetiana K Clothing

*I'm really excited about today's post, I have to be honest!

I want to introduce you all to Tetiana K.

Tetiana K is a fabulous clothing line based in Toronto, Canada.

I've been perusing the website and there are so many cool items that I think you'd all be impressed by.


Loving Lipsy

I've been looking at Lipsy lately, especially the Michelle Keegan range and I am absolutely in love with so much of the new collection! 

I remember when Lipsy was just pretty much party dresses, but these days it has soo much more to offer! 



* So, when the lovely people over at GBridal.co.uk got in touch and asked me to take a peek at their site and write a few words about them, I thought, yeah why not, I love discovering new websites that are at the more 'purse-friendly' end of the market, haha!

As the name suggests Gbridal, I was just expecting wedding dresses or wedding related attire and accessories, but I had a nose around and to my delight ladies, it's not just about 'wedding' it has many other dresses for pretty much every formal occasion.


Leave a little sparkle where ever you go

Image credit - Google search

Today I changed my cover photo on my Facebook page to the one above -

'Leave a little sparkle where ever you go'

I love looking at quotes on the internet and quite often share them on my Facebook page, which got me to thinking about incorporating that into my blog.



The last couple of days I've noticed while scrolling through my usual celebrity column on yep you guessed it, The DailyMail Online, that the clothing line, One Teaspoon, keeps popping up. Kourtney Kardashian, Katie Price and Paula Patton have all been snapped recently sporting items from, One Teaspoon.

So, I had to look into this further!


Get Kourtney's look with LightinTheBox.com

Image Credit - The Daily Mail Online

So, having my morning scroll through the celebrity/gossip column on the DailyMail online and I spotted an article about Kris and Kourtney going out for a meal then onto a concert.

You know the ones!

Well, I do just tend to scroll through the pictures, but I am absolutely loving Kourtney's look for their night out. It's definitely something I would wear myself.

I've had a little nose on LightinTheBox.com to see if I can come up with a 'purse' friendly Kourtney look!


Danesfield House

A couple of months ago during our eight week stint in Spain we popped over to the UK for a couple of nights to visit Marks family. We had the hotels all booked and arranged (so we thought). The flight was great! We flew Easyjet with hand baggage only and it was so easy and straight forward, it really did feel like a breeze.

We landed in Gatwick and had one of the very popular budget hotels booked for the one night, then the next morning we were going to head off to Buckinghamshire to visit the in-laws.