31 October 2014

Urban Purple Nails

As you all know I'm finding it slightly hard this year to get into the swing of Autumn/Winter. With October rapidly coming to an end I thought it's high time I face my wintery fears and start to spruce things up. The easiest way I thought, to be able to transition myself from summer to winter is to change my nail colour.

I've been rocking the corals and pinks for soooo long now it's really time for a change. I must admit I do love the blacks and deep purples, but I never think I can pull it off. I should try, I know!

When in Spain I picked up this Rimmel Nail Varnish in Urban Purple. I do tend to stick to Rimmel, as I always find their varnish is easy to apply and me not being the best person at painting my nails (actually, I'm pretty dyer, lol!) I find it best to stick to the brand I trust and know I will get good results.

Urban Purple to me is more of a wine, burgundy colour. It actually makes me feel a little Christmassy and festive. I'm really chuffed with the colour, it's not too dark, so I don't feel like I'm trying to re-create my grungy college days, but it's still bright in a dark kinda way (if that makes any sense at all!) to be wearing while the sun is still shining!

10/10 Rimmel! I love it!

Heather x x

P.S This is not a paid/sponsored post, I just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys.
But Rimmel, if you are reading, I will gratefully trial any new colours you have hiding away! ; )

30 October 2014

Weekend in Spain

Last Friday we flew out to our house in Spain. It was quite a journey for such a short visit, but so worth it! We flew from Dubai to Barcelona, then drove down to Alicante. We arrived at our house around 8pm, checked everything was still intact, not wanting to waste a minute of our weekend we then whizzed out to our favourite Indian Restaurant. Always a winner, we were stuffed and knackered, but so pleased we pushed ourselves to go out!

Unexpectedly, the weather was stunning! Around 28*c! Perfect. We did some shopping, sunbathed on our roof, did a spot of gardening, watched some more of The O.C and had some lush meals out.

Monday afternoon we took a Vueling flight (who I will do a post on, as I'm always impressed with them!) to Rome and then flew Emirates to Dubai. Again it was quite a journey, but worth it. We did start to panic slightly after we arrived in Rome as our bags were taking ages to come round and time was ticking for us to get checked in for the Dubai flight! Luckily departures was just upstairs from arrivals, so we made it and still had some time to have a quick nibble and grab a coffee in the lounge.

Early Tuesday we were back in the UAE! Picked our babies up from the cattery. And Tuesday night we were so tired, as hubs had to go straight into work! We went to bed at 6pm that night and pretty much slept all the way through to 7am the next morning! Crumbs! We were tired!

Since we've been back I've been catching up with the household chores, emails, bloglovin' etc etc....

Am so pleased it's the weekend again, time to chill and start preparing for my Mums visit a week on Monday!

Heather x x

20 October 2014

Weekend sunning, shopping, scoffing!

After Thursdays post, it seems as though I truly did have bags, bags, bags on my mind! When hubs got home from work we popped to the mall to get some milk and a little window shop too! I noticed Parfois had a sale on and I always love having a look at their gorgeous bags and accessories. Also, noticing the 25%-75% off sale posters in the window, I had to have a look. Many gorgeous new season bags in and even though reasonably priced, I had to step away, even though I was majorly lusting over them. I browsed through the sale shelves oohing and ahhing and picking up various bags and hubby looking bored saying 'you have ones like that already'! Then, then I came across this gorgeous canvas type bag. I'm guessing it's more aimed at being a 'beach bag', but I personally think it's too nice to be chucked on the beach, get covered in sand and risk having sun lotion spilled on it! I couldn't believe the price, 49aed! (approx £8, €10, $13) Fan-bloody-tastic! Sold!

After a lazy Friday morning chilling on the beach and floating in the sea we headed into Dubai, this time to Mirdif City Centre. MCC is actually our favourite mall in Dubai. It hasn't got any of the big fancy 'tourist' attractions, but it has an amazing amount of shops and restaurants. It is a fairly big mall, but completely 'do-able' in a few hours (well, depends how much shopping you do, hehe). Seeing soo many good things I wanted and completely lusting over a gorgeous black, sheer, skull blouse (find it here) and black lace-up ankle boots (find them here) and a bunch of casual tee's in Aeropostle, I managed to pull myself away and hubs and I went to find ourselves a late lunch. 

Realising, we still have practically a whole Entertainer book full of vouchers, (seriously, does anyone really make their way through a whole book!) anyway, we thought we best let that guide us for lunch! We went for Mexican. Rosa Mexicano in fact. We had never been there before, so perfect for a 'voucher meal'. We both went for the Fajita mix. Chicken, Beef & Prawn. After munching on the complementary nacho chips and dip, we were so pleasantly surprised when our meal was presented to us. The meat was sizzling and our table full of food. Not only did we have the meat with onions and peppers, sour cream, guacamole and cheese. We both had a very generous portion of rice and re-fried beans too. Seriously, OMG certainly sprung to mind.

I had noticed on the menu that mains are served with rice and beans, but for some reason I didn't expect them to come with the fajita dish. Well, our mouths were instantly watering and seriously couldn't wait to tuck in. Hence why I only got one poor picture of our feast! The meat was tender and sooo tasty. I am absolutely in love with the rice, had a slight spice to it and well, I love re-fried beans, so they were a hit too! We were stuffed and so much was still left! ( I think we should of skipped the cheeky coffee & cheesecake when we first arrived at the mall, well the cheesecake was vouchable!). I highly recommend Rosa Mexicano. The staff were all friendly, the restaurant was clean and comfortable and I think you can guess, we will definitely be returning and having the fajita mix again!!!

With our bellies well and truly full, we peeled ourselves away and headed back to the car. The sun was setting in the distance and really lit up the Dubai skyline. I managed to quickly snap a picture on my phone, but it really doesn't give the view justice.

So off we went in search of a furniture shop we had found online called Heritage Touch. The furniture we have in our lounge at the mo is from John Lewis in the UK, the Maharani range. We were after some similar bits and were excited that Heritage Touch looked like they had the same pieces in their store. Arriving at their warehouse, directly behind the Gold and Diamond Park. Which is what it said on the website, but knowing Dubai and directions, I was very surprised that it was actually, directly behind the Gold and Diamond Park lol! OMG! It was like an Aladdin's cave! The shop went on and on. So much gorgeous solid wood furniture. Some at very reasonable prices, some not. We did find a cabinet which was a pretty damn good match to what we have, but they wouldn't budge on the price (so it really was the final price then!) We ummed and ahhed for ages, but when we added the delivery cost to it and the cost to ship it to Europe, it wouldn't actually of been that much of a bargain. If this was our forever home we wood, boom boom (haha, sorry!) have snapped up quite a few bits!

After a lovely lay-in on Saturday, you guessed it, we headed back of down the beach. It was so relaxing, as it was fairly quiet and there was a slight breeze too. Perfect.

Heather x x
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