Revisiting the Maxi

As the weather here in Spain is slowly heating up, in the daytime anyway, it's starting to get that little bit too warm to be wearing jeans, especially when walking to the shops and running my errands. I reckon it's actually been warm enough to rock some shorts, but my pins aren't quite ready to been shown off in public yet! To say they're pasty is an understatement, they're bordering on see through!


Eat, Sleep, Blog, Repeat

I'm back with another ootd post and I'm soooo excited to share with you my amazing new tee!

I think the bloggers amongst us will appreciate this one!


My dressing rooms had a little tweak!

Back in May I showed you guys a little peek into my dressing room (here). Since deciding to park ourselves here in Spain on a more permanent basis, I decided my dressing room needed a little re-think. 

I love the new layout!

I've 'de-cluttered' the walls slightly. I felt I was just chucking everything up without much thought to it. We don't need to have every little nick knack and picture up on the wall do we!


Casual Saturday

My first outfit post in ages and I'm back to the 'ol mirror selfies! I've upgraded slightly now though, as I have a lovely big mirror in my dressing room in Spain whereas before, I was making do with the bathroom mirror with ridiculously bad lightening in our old apartment in Ras Al-Khaimah!

I'm afraid until I'm a rich and famous blogger and can afford my own personal photographer, these will have to do!


The Dunedin Tea Co. Review

*When I saw Dunedin Tea Co tweeting about if anyone wanted to do reviews on their teas, being a real tea monster I tweeted them immediately. When they emailed me and said I could pick three of their teas to review, I was so excited and got straight on their website.

After a good look around their website and reading about all the different teas they have on offer, I opted for the Earl Grey Tea Pyramids, Spearmint Loose Tea and Pu-erh 3 Year Vintage Loose Tea.

My thoughts...


Suncream and Sparkles 2016

So after a little bit of a blogging break, I am back!

I'd like to be telling you guys that I've got all these amazing posts all schedule and ready to pop out, but to be quite honest there's zilch in my drafts! 

But, I do have a few ideas and a few posts whizzing around in my little head for you guys! So watch this space!

To be honest life has been pretty hectic up until now. Obviously like everyone we had Christmas and New Year, the continuing drama of renovating the UK house, then with my job too ( I'll fill you in on that one in a mo!) I just didn't have any spare time to give my baby aka Suncream and Sparkles blog, the attention she deserves. So a little break was had to be.

But life has done an amazing turn! Even though I was really enjoying my job, being back in retail and working with some great guys and girls, I


Going on a Blogging Break...

 Image Google Search


OK, so you've probably already guessed from the heading and the image what this post is going to be about!


Born Pretty Make-up Series - Part 3

In my final post about Born Pretty I'm going to show you this sparkly eye-shadow trio.


Born Pretty Make-Up Series - Part 2

So, in my second part of my Born Pretty goodies, I want to show you this fabulous eyeliner!


Catch up...

1st of November.... OMG!

When did that happen?!

You've probably noticed (or not lol) that I haven't been updating my precious baby, aka My Blog, as often as I used too!

And you've probably gathered from Twitter, I'm now back working, shock horror arghhh! Haha...


At the bottom of the garden...

*Where Autumn has begun, the ground is bare and the seasonal browns and oranges are starting to come into play. The perfect location to show off this gorgeous skirt from Nomads.

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