6 January 2014

Winter white and for the Summer time too

My sister-in-law gave me a lovely white pashmina for Christmas. As you may know from previous posts that I am a big fan of scarfs and pashminas. I think they are fabulous and are always the perfect accessory to jazz up any outfit. White is an amazing, vibrant colour. Every time I wear white I feel it gives your outfit an instant lift. White is a great colour for Winter time, but it also works so well in the Summer too. Fresh, clean and crisp for anytime of the year.

H x x


  1. Nice blog and post! I'm ur follower! :)
    Feel free to join my worldwide choies giveaway!

    1. Hey Beatrice!
      Thank you so much for your comment and for being a follower! Means a lot! : )
      I've had look at your blog and looks fab, can't wait to get reading!
      Have a great day
      H : )

  2. I love white, but I'm always afraid that it will get dirty
    & it kind of gets dirty because I'm messy :D

    1. Hey Zahra my friend!

      Your comment made me smile! Yep, I always have to be careful haha especially if I'm eating
      spaghetti bolognaise! lol...

      Have a fab day
      H : )


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