7 September 2015


* So, when the lovely people over at GBridal.co.uk got in touch and asked me to take a peek at their site and write a few words about them, I thought, yeah why not, I love discovering new websites that are at the more 'purse-friendly' end of the market, haha!

As the name suggests Gbridal, I was just expecting wedding dresses or wedding related attire and accessories, but I had a nose around and to my delight ladies, it's not just about 'wedding' it has many other dresses for pretty much every formal occasion.

Like any girl I love wedding dresses. Even though I am married I kinda eloped, so never got to have the whole wedding dress experience, I just wore an old summer dress I picked up in Orlando once for about $12!

OK, slightly digressing there! All that aside, I do quite often find myself surfing the internet for 'wedding dresses'.

I love looking at all the different styles, shapes and fabrics that are available. In a way it's probably a good thing I didn't have to choose a wedding dress, as I don't think I would of been able to decide on one in time! There are soo many lovely ones out there I wouldn't know where to start!

This is where I found GBridal.co.uk to be a really good site. They have pages of different styles of wedding dresses and they are in sub-sections too, so if you do have a little idea on what you're after you can easily look through the different areas, like beach dresses, A line, mermaid, sheath... The list goes on!

There really are some lovely ones to choose from and as I mentioned earlier they really are at purse friendly prices. We all haven't got a spare $1000 to spend on our wedding dress, but we still want it to look well designed and tailored and I think this is where GBridal comes in. I think it really is a great website for a starting point to get ideas from.

Along with the wedding dresses they also have 'special occasion' dresses, which I was really chuffed to see. Especially now with only weeks away from our favorite party season of the year coming up!

Yup I'm gonna say it... Christmas!!! Woop woop!!! The Christmas parties will be starting as early as November and it is definitely a place to pick up a fabulous original party dress!

Let me know if you order anything and I'm just waiting to see if I get an invite to hubby's Christmas do and then I'm gonna be checking out the dresses on GBridal.co.uk!

♥ Heather

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  1. Wow what a fab site, been browsing for ages, amazing dresses at such great prices!! x

    1. I know it does look nice - intrigued on what the quality will be like! x x


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