18 May 2017

Suncream and Sparkles - The End.

I'm actually starting to choke up the thought of this post.

I've finally stopped being in denial and come to terms that I am not a blogger.

This post is in no way a sympathy, hey I want attention post - I just thought I owed it to Suncream and Sparkles and to my very, very small group of readers a little explanation. And to close the blog off properly.

I've been writing this blog since June 2013 and it really hasn't grown since day one! Yes, I have a few followers on twitter, insta and bloglovin' but I don't have any interaction, it all just feels like lip service. In the nicest possible way!

I have been lucky enough though to have a few collaborations along the way, which I am so very grateful for!

I thought my blog, my thoughts and ideas might have an inspired or at least entertained, but I have found it a struggle to get S&S noticed and discovered.

Yes, I do this for a hobby and to document my thoughts, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't bothered about stats etc, because I did hope it would go somewhere someday! I thought I'd improve over time with my writing and photography, but it hasn't. Come on, most people who have a hobby do get better as they go on! 4 years and I haven't improved at all, LOL!

I'm no photographer that's for sure, that's my sister's department - find her on insta @takingdifferentroads - even though I do now have a big girls camera, which I am enjoying playing around with. It's nice to actually have a decent camera and not just rely on my phone.

Lately I feel I've been scratching around for ideas and really not loving what I've been writing - that's not the idea is it. It should be fun and should just flow, but it doesn't.

I'm also starting to think, what is the point. No ones really paying attention to my thoughts and ideas so is it all really worth it. Seriously what is the point when I'm adding no value out there.

And I'm sure some Facebook 'friends' like to have a comment and gossip behind closed doors and probably think what is she going on about!

Yes, I'm proud to of actually been able to put my blog together and to of been part of the few collaborations and of course met some lovely people along the way. One of which has turned into a very good friend! (who's blog is fabulous! yes I did sing the word fabulous then, haha - check out Steph's blog Priceless Life Of Minebut I think when it starts to not be fun and feel like a chore then it's time to be a grown up, be honest and close the chapter.

I'm not going to delete the blog as I think it'll be nice to look back on it in years to come - god knows what will happen about my domain name when it come to renew? I'll cross that bridge when I get to it, lol!

I'll still have my Twitter and Instagram which I've already changed the bio on and I'm in the process of thinking of a new username! Sunsparklesblog doesn't really fit when you don't have a blog anymore! Thinking cap on!

Maybe I'll revisit blogging one day, maybe not. But it's been fun at times and stressful. there has been a few tears! But at least I know now a widget is not just a fancy thing in a beer can! I know what a favicon is, but I still haven't really fully understood html and never got my head around do follow and no follow links! Ha!

So now, I am actually going to start enjoying my moments in life and not stress that they have to be documented on every single bit of social media! I'm going to start to learn Spanish, exercise more, get back into my cooking and shock horror might even start looking for a job!

So again, thanks all for reading, following, commenting, liking and sharing.
Your support has meant a lot!

See ya around lovelies!

♥ Heather


  1. Ohhhh you. Bless your heart. I love your honesty xxxxxx
    I think you definately should keep your blog up, just incase you feel the urge again. Iv on,y just "met" you on twitter so hope to still see you on there. Do what you feel is right,thats really all any of us can do isnt it. Much love xxxx

    1. Awww thank you for your lovely comment Kerry!! Means so much! Sounds silly but since I've posted this I really feel a weight has lifted! I'm definitely still be around on twitter and insta! Can't get rid of me that easily haha! I may pick this up again or even a brand new one one day - never say never!


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