Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Leggings Faux Pas!

As you know from an earlier post I have a new found love for leggings. 

For our recent flight I had my outfit all sorted, leggings, a beige lace styled long sleeved top, chunky jewelry and an Aztec scarf. All ready and happy with my look I bounced downstairs to put some last minute items in my hand luggage when I heard a roar of laughter from my husband!

My leggings are completely see through! Not believing him, as he does like to take the mickey, I head back upstairs to check this for myself. To my horror, yes, they were see through and underwear completely on display!

So, I grabbed my jeans and quickly changed. When at the airport I saw so many women sporting the legging trend, but sadly many of them were committing my earlier crime, see through and not flattering.

We must remember that when going up escalators, leaning down to our bag or reaching for that bottle of perfume at the duty free that the leggings, even though they are so comfortable and practical, they sometimes need a little more of a think through then we originally thought.

I'm all for being comfy, but ladies, please please please, when rocking a pair of leggings make sure the backside is completely covered up! You don't want to be the butt (pardon the pun) of the jokes of your fellow travelers.

Heather x x

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