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What's in your travel bag?

With our long awaited vacation finally here (well, two days to go!) I've started sorting out a few bit's and pieces. 

We're not going to properly pack until Friday afternoon, as we have to take our baby to the cattery in the morning (sob, sob) and she'll get upset if she sees the cases out. 

I've been getting things together for my hand luggage though. We've got quite a long flight as we will be doing two sectors, DXB-LHR, LHR-MIA, with a five hour stop over at Heathrow. I've got my small clear zip up that I keep my travel essentials in.

Deodorant, hand cream, face cream, lip salve (plain one for hubby!) Hand sanitizer, mascara, perfume, plasters and bonjela (I had toothache on a flight once & it was the worst thing ever, so I always have it with me now!)

My zip up bag. I've had it since my flying days, so it's a bit tired now, but it keeps everything neatly in place and there's still room for more! Haha!

I also like to take, ear plugs, eye mask and socks. Most airlines do provide these, but there have been times when they haven't.

I keep them in a handy drawstring bag

Perfect size to pop in your handbag & doesn't take up any space!

What things do you like to take on the plane with you? Is there anything I've missed?!

Heather x 

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  1. Face wipes! Forgot to mention I always pack face wipes too, they're easy and can just slip in your bag!


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