Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Go cruelty free! (follow up from yesterday)

In yesterday's post I spoke about animal testing and yesterday the EU also announced that it is banning animal testing for cosmetics, which is of course great news and a foot in the right direction.

The skeptical part of me unfortunately can't get too excited about this, as even though it is fantastic news, animal testing will still go on outside of the EU and then these products will probably be sold in Europe still.

The best way to make sure we're buying cruelty free products is to check for the 'leaping bunny logo'. Take a look on Go Cruelty Free website and BUAV where they have loads of information and also where you can download a free copy of 'The little book of cruelty free' which tells you all the companies that have the leaping bunny logo.

Hope everyone's having a lovely week so far and
always remember to look out for the 
bunny logo and let's
put an end to ALL animal testing forever!

H x x

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