Friday, 22 August 2014

Bikini Edit

Picture from The Daily Mail Online

Since seeing this pic of Kim Kardashian sporting a red bikini, not only have I seriously started to step up my healthy eating/fitness regime, as like her or loathe her, she looks flippin' amazing! It's also got me thinking, it's about time for some serious bikini buying!

Now, I know for a lot of you out there you're probably screaming 'nooooo!' summers over for us and it's time to start picking out the autumn knits! Well, I'm disagreeing with you my friends. It's the perfect time to start stocking up on your bikinis. Towards the end of the summer, swimwear starts to go on sale and you can pick up some fab bargains. Pop them in your drawer for when the sun starts to shine again. Because I can bet you your bottom dollar, that in a few months time, when you decide to book yourselves that 'winter sun' holiday, there will be NO bikinis in the shops or if there is, they will be limited and you'll be kicking yourself that you should of picked up that bikini you fell in love with, at the end of the summer.

 Now for me and probably UAE-ers alike, we are blessed with pretty much all year round sunshine, so swimwear is pretty much a daily essential. We are coming into the 'pleasant' season, where sunbathing becomes enjoyable and we are no longer hiding indoors, under the air-con, from the incredibly crazy heat outside!

If you want to get Kim K's exact bikini you can find it here
Or, some equally fabulous, money not an issues bikinis here // here and here.

Now onto some more, purse friendly bikinis, I am loving right now!
(Click on the picture for more deets & to buy!)

Don't forget you can pick up some fab separates in the sales! It used to really annoy me if I could only get the 'bottoms' in my size, but now I love it, because they are usually at rock bottom (pardon the pun!) prices. Also these days, mix 'n' match colours and prints is more then acceptable! Get creative girls!

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  1. Love this post, just wish I had the body to go with it! x

    1. Thank youuuu! Ahh Steph, you have! I've snooped through your Instagram!!!! Hahahahaha ; ) x x x x


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