Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dead easy mustard chicken

This must be one of the easiest and quickest recipes ever.
Definitely one if you're on the go and still want to keep your meals healthy and tasty.


Chicken Breasts 
(I used 4 for two of us!)
Dijon Mustard

First of all chop your chicken into small cubes.

Put a little oil in a pan, add chicken & cook.

Turn down to a lower heat and
add about a tablespoon of Dijon mustard.

Maille is my favourite. 
I've tried Waitrose essentials, but found it really salty.

Stir until all the chicken is covered.

Sprinkle the sweetener & stir. 
(I used 2 sachets, which is about 2 teaspoons)

That's it.
Serve and enjoy!

We just had a huge bowl of chicken each.

Try it with pasta, rice, salad
or my favourite, warm crusty bread, tear 'n' share style!

H x x

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