Thursday, 4 September 2014

Stationary bits & pieces

With it being that time of year where everyones heading back to school/college/uni/work after the summer break all decked out in new shoes and jackets, I got to thinking a little about my school days and my love for stationary.

I think I got the love for stationary from my sister, who actually (even now) has the coolest and quirkiest stationary bits! Obviously, for her office now, but I used to be soo jealous of her notepads, pens, pencils and boho inspired pencil cases. I'd love it when she'd get something new and give me her cast offs!

I've found some of the coolest items online which you must have a peek at!

I think I'd love to go back to school, just so I could have my bag packed full of awesome goodies!

Actually, I think I'm gonna have to re-think my dressing room slightly and see if I can have a work space in there too!

(Click on the picture for more deets & to buy!)

H x x

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