Friday, 10 October 2014

Bag edit

                                                      Navy Cross Body Bag // Forever 21

Now, we are well into Autumn, which as you all know from a couple of my recent posts, I'm finding it a little hard getting into the swing of the Autumn trend.

Bit hard when the sun's still shining and we're being blasted with 35*c heat!

Not that I'm complaining, not one bit! This time of year always reminds me how lucky we are to be living in the sun.

When watching SkyNews and seeing the temperatures falling rapidly back home. I spoke to my Mum yesterday and she was telling me how cold it's getting and she can't wait for some warmth!

I've been looking around on the internet at all the beautiful clothes that are new in this season. I'm getting very envious of everyone's amazing knitwear, boots and hats, but alas it's just not practical and a bit of a waste of money for me to invest in, as I'm still in shorts and vests most days!

I am though, really loving the Navy's and Burgundy's. Always great Autumn/Winter colours. Black, as everyone knows is always the 'go to' colour, but I love the Navy's, Burgundy's, Deep Red's, Blue's and Green's, they always seem to give a slightly warmer edge.

For me to start incorporating some Autumn trends into my wardrobe, I'm being drawn to my favourite accessory. Bags. Perfect item to be able to switch up your look, from Summer to Winter.

Here's a few I've found online. Click on link or picture for more details.

                                                      Purple Structured Day Bag // Boohoo

Love this one!

Personal fave - going on my xmas list!

                                                           Brescello Oxblood Tote // Aldo

                                                             Galege Purple Tote // Aldo

                                              Pocket Tab Slouchy Hobo Bag // Accessorize

What's your 'go to' colour for the winter months? 
Hope you like my Bag edit.

Heather x x

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