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Onboard travel bag

As you guys know Mark and I fly quite frequently between the UK and Spain.

For a while now I struggle with all my bit's and pieces I need for the flight.

We do travel light as we have the house in Spain and it really is like home from home! But we do end up ferrying things back and forth, so we quite often travel with a small wheelie bag each.

As most short haul airlines these days only let you have one piece of hand luggage, I always for-go my handbag, as I have ones I can use whilst we're in Spain.

But, it is such a pain when you're onboard and your purse and lip-balm are stowed away in the overhead locker. The last thing you want to do is start disturbing your fellow passengers, getting up and down rummaging through your luggage.

I've been saying to Mark for a while now I need some sort of small compact bag to keep my essentials in while onboard.

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Now, I use to put my bits in a canvas tote, but even that I find a pain, because you've got the straps and it's all floppy and things are hard to reach. It just feels messy to me.

Something like a clutch bag. But not a fancy pants one you use for a Saturday night, as that would just look daft, lol and get ruined! Something neutral, light, a decent size. A 'day clutch' bag if you like.

Looking around the shops I just couldn't see anything that fitted the bill.

Back at the Villa I had a look through my baskets of bags (yes, I know it's tragic I have 'baskets' plural, of all sorts of bags, I just can't part with!).

Buried half way down between some ancient satin beaded evening bags and a tasseled summer bag, was this 'day clutch'! I completely forgot about this one! I bought it last summer I think, maybe the summer before I'm not sure. Anyway, it's was from Primark and at the time I thought it would make the perfect summer daytime bag - until it completely split underneath - on the first use! Grrrr....

It does have an inner lining so any contents wouldn't slip through though. I thought this will be perfect for my in-flight essentials! I brought it back with me to the UK and sewed up the split with some cotton.


I'm so pleased I found this because it is the perfect size for my purse, boarding cards, passport, travel toiletries (I don't take much onboard these days, hand cream and lip-balm is enough for me! Oh and my fave lip-gloss, of course!). A hairband in case I get hot, some gum, cus you know stale plane breath and the sweetener is for Mark, in case he has a cup of tea and they done't have sweetener, lol!

The clutch keeps everything neat and tidy and will fit in the seat pocket nicely. Some aircraft don't have seat pockets anymore, but this doesn't matter as the clutch will fit perfectly under the seat in front without obstructing any legroom that a big bulky handbag would! This is such a handy size as being the shape it is, it fits neatly in your wheelie bag, so you can easily whip it out as you board the aircraft!

What's your onboard essentials?

Would you use a 'daytime clutch' to keep your bits in?

Love to know what you think!

Heather ♥

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