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Cefalexin Tablets
【Drug name】 Generic name: Cefalexin Tablets English name: Cefalexin Tablets ..
Benzylpenicillin So..
It is mainly used for kinds of infectio caused by seitive bacterium, such as absc..
Cefradine for Injec..
Indicatio: Its valid to the infectio caused by tympanitis, otitis media toillitis..
Phenolphthalein Tab..
Ceftriaxone Sodium ..
It is indicated for the treatment of the following infectio when caused by susce..
Dipyridamole Tablet..
Dipyridamole are used for: Preventing blood clots after heart valve surgery. I..
Cefazolin Sodium fo..
Indicatio: Infectio include respiratory tract infectio, cholecystitis, hepatoph..
Glucurolactone Tabl..
Acetylspiramycin Ta..
Metoclopramide Tabl..
Metoclopramide Tablets
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