Hola! Welcome to my Personal lifestyle blog Suncream and Sparkles.

My little space on the internet to document my life, travels, things I'm loving in the moment and of course our beautiful Costa blanca here in Spain ♥

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Some quick fun facts about me!

• I'm married to Mark ♥

• We have four fur-babies Poppy, Lily, Luna and Rae. All rescues and house cats. We had five, but sadly lost baby Rocco in Nov '17 when he was just 7 months old

• We live in Spain on the Costa Blanca

• But also spend time in Leipzig Germany for Marks work

• I'm a typical Pisces

• Mint M&M's are my fave

• I'm 37 and still love a dippy egg and soldiers

• I love decorating and DIY

• I'm rubbish at parking and will drive round a car park for ages looking for an easy space to park in!

• I love eating out, but then love even more getting home to chill in my comfies afterwards

• I try to drink Peppermint and Pu'erh tea everyday

• But always start the day with a big mug of Tetley!

• I was Cabin Crew for 5 years and it was the time when you had week long trips away!

• I love a reality show, Especially Made in Chelsea!

• I had adult braces

• Champagne and Pizza is my fave!

• We lived in the UAE for 5 years between Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Ras-Al Khaimah

• Before that we lived in KL Malaysia for 6 months

• We got married in secret

• and I'm a sucker for a Mercadona pink donut!

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Heather ♥

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