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The week after lockdown

Wow what a week. I can't believe it's already Sunday and we're looking back at the events of the past week. Last weekend it was announced that our area on the Costa Blanca would enter phase one of the de-escalation plan. So excited for a little bit of freedom and see the little part of the world we live in after being housebound for eight weeks.

During the eight week lockdown I only ventured out twice. The first time was on the very first Monday in week one when I had to take Mumma Bear to the vets for her booster, her appointment was already in place so it was fine for that to be honored. The second time I ventured out was about week three or four when I popped out to do some groceries. I went to one of the local supermarkets in the village which is literally a three minute drive from our house. Well, when I got there I came over all panicky and flustered. Walking around the shop was all a bit of a blur and I just couldn't find anything on my list. I just grabbed a f…
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Garden projects

The first few weeks of lockdown seemed to be a rotation of going from bed and pj's to settee and 'day' pj's. We did feel very unmotivated and fed up to be honest as we had constant rain, miserable weather and nothing really on the T.V to watch. Then the rain finally stopped, the sun came out and our local builders merchant opened for deliveries to the general public. We were in full swing again.

Mark and I love our diy and garden projects. The garden is what sold us our place. A complete overgrown mess, on a slope, trees fallen down, crazy spiky overgrown cactus everywhere, but we fell in love and instantly could see the gardens potential and many fun garden projects ahead.

One of the biggest jobs is to clear the garden. The other day, I started concentrating on one area then I will slowly work around the garden. We have a waterfall going through the garden, well technically it's the water runaway for the street as when it rains here it absolutely chucks it down! …

Get ready to host guests again with a pop-up canopy

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~ 'Get ready to host guests again with a pop-up canopy' is a collaborative post which you can read more about my collaborations in my disclaimerhere. I was keen to share this post with you all because as you know we have many garden projects planned ourselves and one of them is to have our own pergola. There's some great tips and ideas in the post about being able to spruce up our outside space with pop-up canopies to get ourselves ready for when we can socialize with friends and family again ~
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A pop-up canopy is a product that can provide any homeowner with a wealth of benefits. From aesthetic appeal to practical use; pop up canopies tick all of the boxes. It is very unlikely that we will ever see the day whereby this product falls out of favour. If you currently do not own a pop-up canopy, read on to discover the reasons why this is a purchase you should definitely consider making…

There is only one place to begin when it comes …

Diary chats - past the expiry date

I've wanted to write out a few blog posts on here for a while now, but I feel I've literally procrastinated so much that everything I had in my head is all a little expired and feels far too much in the past and past the fact even to be able to fill you in on the little bit's that have been happening here and there.

Especially when I do like my blog to be in the here and now, in the present.

My previous post about La Manga, again was posted completely past the fact. I had every intention on sharing our trip immediately after we got back, but again time just slipped away. Even though I have posted about it the other day, I admit myself that the post feels a bit bland and with not much oomph in it because I've literally written about it way past the expiry date.

I always say to Mark 'Oh I'm gonna pop that on my blog', but by the time I actually get round to do it it does feel the 'story or event is way to past it's expiry date to be of any interest o…

La Manga Club Principe Felipe

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Back in January for Mark's Birthday we went to La Manga for the night and stayed at the La Manga Club Principe Felipe Hotel. 
It was well over due to do something special for Mark's Birthday and after the previous six months (health wise and hideous commute) he definitely deserved a little treat, we both did.
We've wanted to go to La Manga ever since we bought our first house here on the Costa Blanca. It's only an hour away and after 6 years of being here in Spain we finally got round to it.
The drive was so easy and the roads were nice and quiet.
The weather was a beautiful sunny day with just a little chill in the air.
We drove up to the grounds of  La Manga Cluband it instantly felt special and had that little bit of luxury we'd been looking for.
On c…

Cutting the costs of a kitchen remodel

Pixabay. CCO Licensed.

Cutting the cost of a kitchen remodel is a contributed post to Suncream and Sparkles. Following on from the last post it is definitely an interesting read if you are looking to do some home renovations. As you know we've just renovated our house, so I can completely relate to this! I hope you enjoy today's contributed post. x Heather
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The kitchen is the heart of the home. By remodelling it, you can improve your home’s entire look and feel. When done right, a kitchen remodel can also add value to your home. Of course, you do have to be careful of how much money you spend in the process. Many homeowners go over budget when remodelling, putting themselves into a lot of debt and reducing the ROI. To keep costs down when remodelling your kitchen, here are a few tricks. Borrow wisely When borrowing money to pay for a kitchen remodel, be careful of where you borrow from. Unsecured loans can be risky as they can often carry high interest rates. This…

How to move in the least stressful way

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How to move in the least stressful way is a contributed post to my blog. With just moving myself last month, this is definitely a fitting post to my blog and I wish I had these tips before we moved! If you have an up and coming move I hope you find this post helpful to make your move as stress free as possible. x Heather 
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Moving house ranks as being one of the most stressful things that we can do in our lives. Yet, along with moving comes the joy of setting up a new home. When moving homes, you need to look for ways of reducing the stress involved in the process in order to experience the enjoyable aspects associated with living somewhere new. 
There is a considerable amount of work involved in moving house. The obvious aspects that spring to mind will be packing and moving all of your possessions, and then unpacking them when you get to your new house. But there are lots more things that will need to be done besides. 
You will need …